So I posted my first ambassador photo with me wearing their floral fringe shirt! I love this shirt it has a beautiful deep v back and I love shirts that have a back cut out adds more UMMFF!   
My son is suppose to be in pictures with me so represent the “modern mom” but that poor boy has his first cold! Talk about heart breaking. He looks at me all stuffy and breathing from him mouth and still busts out this face..

Yes his shirt does say “your mom thinks I’m cute” and I think it’s hilarious. Surprisingly he’s a better sleeper at night when he’s sick, he only wakes up about 2 times! But don’t get me started on the awful naps and the fussing. He’s usually so happy! It’s those dang teeth that are coming in, he has 4 new teeth plus 2 others that have broken through yet. Of course teething left him with a nice little 100.7 fever, poor guy. 

I don’t think someone so innocent should have to go through pain like this at all, or at least not all at one time. 

Now it’s time to go wrestle my screaming 25lb baby to sleep. 

WOOHOO!! nap time!! 

Brand ambassador 

so I got the brand ambassador spot along with another woman. I’m excited it will be a fun experience! I wanted to share with my blog 

If you go to their site and purchase some clothing items and they even added accessories! They’re a growing boutique and have some amazing things coming this fall give them a follow on Instagram so you can see when they drop new items!  

Perfect clothes for a modern mamma on the go and just throwing something on or date night! 
Psssst… If you enter the code STYLEDBYTEONNA you can receive 15% off your order!! 

Taking up some crafts 

Being a stay at home mom is amazing! I’m so truly blessed to be able be at home and be with my son. I have so much respect for working moms, I know I wouldn’t be able to stay away from my son. Round of applause for moms working their booty off. 

Weigh that being said, I really miss having something to do that is more for, well, me! That takes my mind off of the teething, belly aches and temper tantrums and let’s me unwind during nap time/bed time. I love writing on chalk boards and have a new found obsession with coffee so why not make mugs!? 

Here’s my first hand painted attempt. Me being as big of a perfectionist I am I almost tossed it, my husband gotta to keep it!  

I guess I’ll just keep trying tell I get it right! Maybe I’ll open an etsy shop one day! 

Sleep, where art thou 

my dear long lost friend, we where once so close. I hope you don’t think I abandoned you, I hope to return to you one day. Until then I’ll just admire you from afar while my husband snores happily.  

Now enough of day dreaming of sleep. This is the face of the reason I now run off of 3-4 hours of sleep. 

How could I ever be super to wake up at 3 in the morning to his chunky cheeks and big blue eyes staring at me? 

This sleep stealer is 9 months old! “What!!? 9 months? Already!?” Yeah I know crazy huh! That means 3 months tell he’s 1! We decided on a lumberjack theme for his birthday we will see how much I can DIY for it! 

I just can’t believe how fast time passes! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! 

Wow I’m terrible 

I’ve neglected my blog world! With a teething, extremely needy baby and a new camera to play with I’ve simply forgotten to blog. Sense the last time I’ve posted my son is surely self weaning and will fully stop nursing in no time, I can just sense it. I’ve been on a weekend trip to the oh so charming Cambria. 

If you like quaint little towns with amazing antique shops then Cambria is a vay-cay spot for you! You get the best of both worlds a beautiful mountains with deers everywhere and a 5 minute drive you’re at a breath taking beach trail! I’ll post pictures at the bottom of this of my trip(with my new camera!) that by the way I have no idea what I’m doing even after reading every “cheat sheet on photography for beginners.”

I’ve entered a brand ambassador search for this lovely little modern mom friendly boutique called Lilly and shi. If you ladies have an instagr give them a follow or enter the search! It ends at 500 followers. They really want style savvy moms to post high quality pictures with their littles for exchange of free clothing items!!  

I’ve been dedicating my late nights when I can’t sleep to looking at “infant boy Halloween costumes” deciding what unique/funny costumes I was going to make myself! You know give that whole “DIY mom” thing a go, sense I do LOVE crafting. No, that didn’t happen we settled on something comfy warm and still so adorable, a little dragon! No I didn’t make it myself, although I’m sure my son will appreciate that eventually. 

So here are some pictures from my Instagram that I haven’t posted! 



im going to be “that mom”

every mom thinks she has the most adorable baby! 
So I’m about to be that mom. If you want to take a few moments to help us out and go vote for my son! I’d be so thankful! I thought it would be a fun little thing to try out. 

Vote here for this picture  
 Vote here for this picture 

Anyways! I think that I’m coming down with a sinus cold. Yuck! What mom has time to be sick? If you have any natural home remedies to give my head some relief, please don’t be scared to help this momma out!! 

Have a blessed day! 

Time flys 

I always say “when you have a child time get set to fast forward.” well now I wish time was in slow motion! It’s going by way to fast.  Every time my husband and I get use to saying he’s __ months old it changes and another month flys by. 

I still remember when we first brought him home. We where so excited to be starting out our future! He was such a good baby. He had the softest cry and slept so well. Until…. DUN DUN DUN…. Colic . Screaming, crying and gas drops  where what our days where filled with.  Poor boy had a belly button hernia the size of a ping pong ball. I couldn’t help the thought of when he would push to go to the bathroom it would get worse. I had a fear of seeing my son go through surgery to correct it around age 1. 

As days and weeks went on I could finally eat dairy again, it stopped hurting his belly. The tummy problems all together slowly stopped. His belly button hernia was shrinking, the crying and screaming was stopping. 

Around 4 months old he was a new baby! We had the happiest baby! Around 6 months old when he developed more of a personality, we don’t go anywhere without someone stopping to talk to him. He’s so loveable and is never caught without a smile. I like to think it’s my reward for having such a hard first few months. 

Which scares me thinking that there’s another bad streak coming. (Knock on wood) 

He’s turning into a toddler, slowly but surely. He never ceases to amaze me. He’s so incredibly smart, determined, sweet, tough, curious and into everything! He’s my biggest source of motivation. I’m doing everything I do for him! Nothing could have prepared me for the love I have for him. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, when I really just met him 8 months ago. I’m so thankful my life changed 8 months ago on December 17th 2014 at 8:15 pm. 

I love being his mom! 

Now I kind of want to wake him up because I miss him… Who am I kidding?! This momma’s got some shows to catch up on. 
 P.s. Happy 8 months of surviving parenthood to me!! 

Babysitter peer pressure *rant*

Yes I’m that mom who hasn’t left her kid, not once. Yes he’s 8 months old in one week. But I love having him around me, I’m not ready to leave him behind yet. Of course I leave him with his dad while I shower or if I have to run to the store for a quick errand. I breastfeed and don’t pump so that’s another reason why I can’t leave him. 

I know my husband and I are not the only people in our family that love him, and I’m not in any way trying to take that from them. With that being said….

I am sick and tired of feeling pressured to leave him to go on a “vacation” or “date night”  I’m being 100% honest when I say this, MY HUSBAND AND I LOVE HAVING OUR SON WITH US! even if it is a date night, why can’t he go to a beach vay-Kay with us? I do know that you need alone time with your husband every now and again. 

Don’t tell me “you know kids will be bad for their mom when they’re around you all of the time” or “you know kids do love to spend time with their grandparents” you don’t think I know that? He’s my son, I know what’s good for him. I know when I need help or a break, I have yet to cross that bridge. When I do need help I will be sure to ask for it. Until then I am so tired of being made feel guilty or to feel like a bad mom for wanting my son with me all the time. 

I don’t know if it’s only my husband and I that feel this way, but we HATE the whole “when they’re with grandma and grandpa we don’t say no” and “grandparents are suppose to spoil their grand kids” we don’t like how they will give our son stuff that we don’t want him to have because they’re grandparents, “spoiling” my son and giving him stuff that will give him a belly ache isn’t worth it. (He has terrible belly problems) we know that happens because we whiteness it with other grand kids. 

I am happy with bringing my son everywhere! I’m also more than happy with taking my son to see his grandparents, but I’m not ready to leave him with anyone. What’s so hard to get about that? 
Thank you for reading my rant, if you did read it. I needed to get it out somehow! 


Woke up with a foggy daze, husbands back to work after a nice long weekend together. I’m well wrested because he takes care of the morning routine while I sleep in, but I still woke up with in need of a trenta size Starbucks with double shot espresso. 

I walk groggy to my boys room to get him from his crib to see his positive face starting back at me with the “I’m so happy to see you” smile. I’m kicking myself for feeling so negatively towards waking up and having to go through the morning routine. I’m only human, it happens, I’m just being honest. He makes my mon-daze shortly lived, I’m thankful to be able to spend every moment with his sweet face. 

Today we will lounge in our pj’s, cuddle and watch Micky mouse club house. Enjoying every minute of my now positive Monday! 
He is my trenta Starbucks with that double shot.


If you read my survey 

I recently said I wanted to visit the UK to try some of the sweets they sell there. I’ve been obsessing over YouTube videos of people trying sweets from the UK and people in the UK trying American candy. They say out chocolate taste fake, so I just had to get my hands on some. 

Being the candy crazed person that I am, what else was there to do other than spend hours researching where to find these yummy sweets in my town. Hours of research did me good, ***drum roll please*** 

I’m stuffing my face with these delicious kinder bueno’s as we speak! Who doesn’t love hazelnut?! I can now say for myself that American chocolate is no where near the flavor of this chocolate.  Is it strange to dedicate a whole post to candy, when I haven’t posted in a while? Maybe? But I don’t mind. 

If you’re living in the UK or have visited or you’ve tried other sweets please recommend some to me! 

Now time to gain 10 pounds. (Shame free)